The Mall Luxury Outlets opened The Mall Firenze back in 2001. Not only was this the first luxury outlet to bring world-famous high-fashion brands to one single location, it was also a venue where visitors felt free to enjoy time on their own terms.
It was this vision that helped elevate The Mall Firenze to worldwide fame.
Our constant focus on improving our products and services has enabled The Mall Firenze to offer the very best quality available in a unique selection of some of the most important international fashion houses.

A distinctive, innovative concept, created to satisfy the desires of its visitors to leave their daily routine behind and discover a secret oasis of luxury and creativity, nestled in a sophisticated setting in the magnificent Tuscan countryside. The Mall Firenze not only offers its visitors a quality shopping experience: there are a host of additional enticing services to choose from, such as the opportunity to sample excellent food and wine from this region, renowned for its culinary heritage.



The Mall Sanremo strategically connects cosmopolitan centers such as Genova, Turin, and Milan with Monaco, Nice, Cannes and other cities along the French Riviera. Here,the art, music, culture, lifestyle and the charm of the Riviera form the basic ingredients of The Mall Sanremo, which features the same elegant charm and allure that make up the distinctive DNA of The Mall Luxury Outlet chain.  A unique range of bespoke services, combined with the opportunity to discover some of the best luxury brands in the world — all in one single, unique location.