Brioni – The perfect Man

Elegant, refined and unequivocally Brioni. These are the features of a brand that has made tailoring its trademark.

Maredamare trade fair, Florence

The international Beachwear show

Beach fashion trends and everything that’s new in beachwear for summer 2017 will be previewed at the international Maredamare trade show at Fortezza da Basso, Florence, from 23 – 25 July.

This is a date with style guidelines, focusing on the most innovative designs, cuts and materials for the beachwear industry.

Now in its ninth year, Maredamare showcases over 200 brands, all there to present their beachwear and accessories collections for summer 2017, inspired by four themes: bourgeoise, flamboyant, impression and survivalist. With Bourgeoise we see a genuinely feminine, sexy style that is sophisticated, grown up, and self-aware, but also full of relaxed, carefree charm. The theme is inspired by French high society, parties in gardens or poolside, and typically middle-class camp site settings. All with a vintage pop touch that takes us into the atmospheres of the 60s and also the 90s. Flamboyant is the subject for a spontaneous fashion that is all about fun: luxurious mixes of materials, colours and prints, inspired by the energy of nations in the southern hemisphere. The arts of DIY, creative recycling and hand-made bring back ancestral techniques and primitive graphic styles. With Impression the inspiration comes from wellness; inner peace is the new emotion behind a modern, active lifestyle. Skin is the basic element, with a closer approach to the world of underwear and sport, in un hybrid between underwear and swimwear – swunderwear.

With Survivalist, Maredamare explores the four senses, with a specific focus on the biological nature of things, translated into pure and essential forms and material textures. The sea becomes the ideal setting, with its light and shade effects, water and its iridescent surfaces, immersed in an imaginary, futuristic and artificial atoll on which to land after a difficult voyage. Immersion underwater and surface flight – water and futuristic designs: reinvention and survival in the sea, a mysterious place just waiting to be explored.


레드에서 바이올렛까지, 모든 것을 강렬하게 만드는 스트라이프로 이뤄진 완벽한 컬러 스펙트럼. 당신의 섬머 스타일을 밝게 빛낼 컬러풀한 악세사리를 놓치지 마세요. 코치 아울렛 매장에서 가능합니다.


톤-온-톤 느낌의 자수와 페이즐리 모티브 장식이 믹스된 로맨틱한 드레스는 어떤 룩도 소화하는 특유의 우아한 감각을 더해 알베르타 페레티에 의해 디자인 되었습니다.


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